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Where FUNK meets POP An arousing experience…

AROSE is a four-piece group started by bass player extraordinaire Magnus Rosén.

Magnus wanted to form a group for his fourth solo album and contacted longtime friend Glen Sandgren on guitar and Imre Daun on drums. They started jamming, creating song-embryos filled with Bass licks, violent, chopped up guitars and drums.
Magnus sent an SMS to former Stonefunkers ( swedish funk band) singer Emrik Larsson and asked if he wanted to join the group. EMRIK wrote lyrics and song-melodies to the already made music.

They decided to record the songs at JM studios in Mölnlycke (close to Göteborg ).
The group felt that a horn section for some of the songs would enhance and enrich the music. EMRIK’s longtime friend and collaborator Tobe Stenson, wrote most of the horn parts, but AROSE also had Woitek Goral write parts for one song.
Chorus were handled by Imre and Glen but on a few tracks Jenny Berggren from Ace of Base stepped in and sang her heart out.
World famous sax player Biggi Vinkeloe also added some bitter sweet flavor to one of the songs.
The album was produced by AROSE and mixed at Panorama Recordings by Jocke Styrén.

The music is a mix between Rock-Funk-Pop with a soulful edge given by EMRIKs thick and bluesy voice.
This isn’t easy music. You really have to listen and get into the music.. but at the same time the melodies just keep coming. The bass is pumping, the drums are always there and the guitar lays down the harmonies and creates the atmosphere. Back that up with chop chop horn licks, chorus lines and you got AROSE!
One hell of a group!

Live the group excel and really show their skills as musicians and showmen. The AROSE live show is something very special and the main goal is to entertain people! With special EFX, lights, action, camera, go! the stage is ready for AROSE. Don't miss out on one of the hottest bands coming out of Scandinavia! Like Gertrude Stein said: AROSE is AROSE is AROSE is AROSE.