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Swedish Super-group aim high!
Tonight will the tight stars Arose stand on the stage for the first time!

A bag of candy with styles.
The new band Arose is an unblessed mixture of HammerFall, Stonefunkers and Ace Of Base. They're loading for a world premirer. Tonight will the new group Arose be born as a liveband when they makes their gig at Respekt under the Gothenburg Movie Festival. This is build on 100% delight, says Magnus RosÚn. At the weekdays is he the bass player of HammerFall and he have also been touring around the world as a solo bass player. When it was time for the forth solo album was the idea born to a brand new band. And suddenly it became a combination of HammerFall, Stonefunkers and Ace Of Base reality. Arose is metal, funk, pop and rock. It's a meeting between different styles, syas Magnus RosÚn. I have chosed every one in the band cos they are damn good at what their doin'. Among the other band members is Emrik Larsson from Stonfunkers witch stands for the lyrics and singing and Jenny Berggren from Ace Of Base will choir.

A battle with drugs
Stonefunkers early singer has left the heavy years behind and it will reflect in Arose songs. - I am writing about mankind witch do not fit in. Some of the songs are a battle about drugs and alcohol, how i found a new way out was the darkness, says Emrik Larsson. The band stake big, the first album is already recorded and now the band is discuss with recordord companys in both Germany and in Asia to release it in four countrys.

Loading for a Tour
- I will have a wide release, says Magnus RosÚn. I think it would work damn good in other countrys.
And then it's only to load for a tour.
- Yes absolute. It shall be realy exciting to see the audience how they will react tonight, says Jenny Berggren.

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