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Translated by Phoenix


LERUMS PAPER Thursday november the 1st, 2001

Happend since last time

At Bygdegården in Gråbo we got a celebrity visit last friday. It was the worldstar Magnus Rosén, that is for everyday use a bass player in the band Hammerfall, together with the good saxophone player Bigge Vinkeloe and the drummer Don Robinson. But the appearance was as far as you can go from Hammerfalls "sing-along hardrock" that you can go. The trio offered brilliant, modern instrumental fusions-jazz, with utmost own impression. Don Robinson from San Fransisco, with around 30 albums behind himself, is a well known icon in his homeland and probably everybody understood why - his drumming was excellent. Magnus prooved why he is on the 4th place of the list in the german paper Metal Heart. The trio were invited by the churches and the youth recreation centres of Gråbo and Sjövik, which in this time works togheter for the youths by concentrate on the Café Bygden.

Photo: Patrik Ek.